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Knauss Foods takes pride in producing the finest quality dried beef products. Established in 1902, by EW Knauss and Son, Knauss Foods is the country’s largest producer of dried beef products.

The Knauss dried beef story began in 1902 when Edward W. Knauss started a small meat market operation specializing in slowly cured and smoked meats. Going door to door in Quakertown as well as areas just north in the Lehigh Valley, his initial sales were from ham, bacon, hot dogs, and of course dried beef. The popularity of E.W. Knauss smoked meats started to gain momentum but it was E.W. Knauss’ dried beef which would soon prove to be the most popular item.
For five generations and for over 100 years, the business would remain family owned and became repositioned to specialize in dried beef. In 1921 Edward W. Knauss turned over the role of president to his son William E., who was then succeeded by Donald Knauss as new company president in 1947. Donald’s son E. William followed in 1968 and then finally handed down operations to the fifth generation Knauss to run the company, Troy Knauss.

Regardless of which Knauss family member was at the helm, the vision was clear–to produce only the finest dried beef products in the marketplace at a fair and competitive price. While there were a couple of other meat snack products introduced by the Knauss family over the years, dried beef stood the test of time and continued to be made with the original family recipe.


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