Where to buy Knauss dried beef?

Looking to purchase Knauss dried beef near you? The link below can help you!


Locations listed have sold Knauss products within the past 90 days; however, we cannot guarantee that the store(s) currently have the product in stock at each of their locations. Product listing does not include foodservice products or items exclusive to warehouse/club stores. We make every effort to stock our products at your local grocery store. Please send us a message if you are having trouble locating our products or let your local grocery manager know that you would like the product stocked.


We regret at this time that we cannot offer mail order services, however we have an excellent partner who can have our products to be shipped to your home, please contact them at the following:

Derstines, Inc.

1-800-660-3275 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. EST

Local: 215-257-2700 x215 (for local order pickup)

email gbencsik@derstines.com